Dual Piston Dump Valve Blue


Aluminium Dual Piston Dump Valve or Blow Off Valve Fit to your car to give protection to your turbo, decrease turbo lag and make your car sound like a rally car! Fits cars with an air flow meter. And is ideal for VW/Audi 1.8 Turbo Engines, 93-96 Subaru Imprezas, Renault turbo engines and Saabs Some information: Also known as the compressor bypass valve. The Blow Off Valve helps protect your turbo from compressor surges. If you should suddenly release the throttle (while on boost), the BOV opens and dumps (by the dump tube) the inlet pressure.These surges occur when throttle is released while under turbo boost. With no place to go, the compressed air pushes back against the turbo, possibly damaging it. The Blow Off Valve will react quickly to this situation and release the compressed air, giving you a reassuring, distinctive sound to let you know itís working properly.

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